Collective Reading (August 2019)

Zodiac Healing Reading (Air Signs) 8/15-8/22

 Air Signs! The universe and the Full Moon in Aquarius are calling you to gain clarity and rid yourself of what no longer serves you to heal. Specifically issues with family pathologies, lack of self-love, and destructive thoughts. Clear your energetic blockages and fight for your legacy! 

Zodiac Reading Air Signs 7/23 - 7/30

 Get out of your head! Seek help if needed! IG: aj_the_shaman 

Zodiac Reading Water Signs 7/24 - 7/31

 HEAL FOR YOUR LEGACY!! Let go of what no longer serves you. Tell yourself the truth, heal it, and move on. TAKE FLIGHT! 

Zodiac Reading Earth Signs (7/22/19 - 7/29/19

Earth Signs you must heal this energy and move on. You did what needed to be done.

Zodiac Reading Fire Signs 7/21/19 - 7/28/19

You've gotten off track with your destiny and fulfilling your soul contracts! You're being called to get back to your transformation into being spirit's muse! You've allowed outside influences to dictate your decisions. You allowed their opinions to cause you to become confused, idle, indecisive, and stuck. Get out of your mind! Overall energy is Capricorn like energy. GROUND YOURSELVES fire signs. Call upon Eagle for clarity and the ability to see everything as 

Lightworkers Love Circle Florida July 2019

Meeting of the Minds

Art Walk July 2019

Children Of Mu' Art Walk July 2019 The Franklin Shops downtown Fort Myers River District.

Learning Karmic Lessons and Surrendering

You've had positive changes that are tied to karmic lessons and repeating cycles. You've shed the old to make room for the new. Some cycles have ended by choice others by force. The universe is calling for you to go within yourself. Go back in your Akashic Library and seek what needs to be learned for your purpose. Keeping a journal or starting a blog will help the flow of your thoughts and this will bring you clarity. Take your time, heal, and SURRENDER THE REST! You are on the right track.

Lightworkers Love Circle (Lithonia, GA) 3-22-19 Part 1

Check out a great meeting of the minds.

Lighworkers Love Cicle- (Lithonia, GA) 3/22/19 Part 2

Meeting of the minds

Lightworkers Love Circle (Lithonia, GA) 1-25-19

Meeting of the minds